HI !!! this is my art blog, thank you for stopping by!!!
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kirra-itachi said: I will love you forever! You made my day at Kraken Con. I hope to see you again. I absolutely love your art it is completely gorgeous and I will continue to buy from and commission you. you probably already know who this is..hehehe (>////___////<)♥♥ meh want more art! ~ kirra {that weird crazy girl from the convention who loves Itachi} lol

HEY!!!!!!!!! omggg no prob!!! i really enjoyed drawing those commissions, it made my day too HEHEH :D and thank youuu ;A;

zulayawolf replied to your post: some stuff i got at krakencon from mot…

who did…..the ace attorney and henry prints…..breathes…….

taxikun!!! i love those prints sobs

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some stuff i got at krakencon from mothgeist, adifferentstudio, artistrybee, rescoesto (TYSM FOR THE KASHIMAKUN DRAWING BTW I WAS SCREAMING THE WHOLE TIME), press start, taxikun, mirrankei, lithenemesis, and lava-alley!!!!  i had a really good first con, it was a bit hectic at times but overall a fun experience and had really kind staff too. thanks to everyone who stopped by our table, you were all so sweet and friendly despite me being so frazzled at the time, i felt really flattered OTL hope to see you all at more cons in the future!!
HI!!!!! me and cherlit (superkyun) will be at krakencon oct 4th and 5th! we&#8217;ll be selling prints, stickers, and charms as well as doing commissions (:

shikinami said: I looked around on your blog and I couldn't find it anywhere, so I hope it's ok if I ask what mediums you use for your traditional art? Your art is really beautiful! Thank you ;u;


thank you!! i mainly use ink with a brush or a crow quill pen

kinara mafia style